Republican Hypocrisy on Hunter Biden with their own Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas Funding

Republican Hypocrisy on Hunter Biden with their own Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas Funding

Republicans want us to see it as unfair that Hunter Biden took perhaps a million dollars a year for being on the board of a natural gas company, Burisma, in Ukraine.  

But then I had an epiphany:  All Republicans are taking campaign funding from fossil fuel companies, and then defying clear and essentially unanimous science that fossil fuel emissions are warming the climate.  All of the Republican Senators called upon to sit and listen for two hours of election politics denigrating Joe Biden by connection, probably had a thought that those seats were paid for by their adopting dodges to the clear threats shown by climate science, often to their own states.

I have a plethora of funding graphs for 2016, 2018, and so far for 2020, for House, Senate, and Presidential, and for Senate alone, that all show millions of dollars from oil, natural gas, and coal funding, mostly (around 80%) going to Republicans.  Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Representative Kevin McCarthy of California (House Minority Leader) stand out at the top for many of these.  McCarthy comes from the oil district around Bakersfield.  Trump’s greenhouse gas denials, stocking of the EPA with industry advocates, and destruction of scientific boards also fits into this pattern.  The total Oil and Gas funding for the 2016 election was $103 million, and for 2018 was $85 million.

While we are still on oil, the Koch brothers had decided to abandon Trump, since they did not agree with him on trade and immigration.

While impeachment was going on yesterday, Trump upstaged them by announcing his one-sided peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians.  Wasn’t it outside influence again to get Netanyahu to show up to back him?  At the same time, Trump was giving Netanyahu everything he could desire, just as he was up for a third election.  Called out in the audience was the largest election financier in 2018, Sheldon Adelson, who is a strong Netanyahu backer, and backed Trump Republicans with 124 million dollars.  Talk about outside influence.

I also looked up Boards of Directors, and Republicans outweigh Democrats on such boards, at essentially two to one.  They are not experts in technology, but in general business behavior.

The Trump owned Trump Organization has over 500 businesses.  Half of these are just labeling contracts to businesses and properties built by others.  Trump makes a fortune from the labeling ones.  This is even more influence peddling than just having your name on a board of directors.  Trump University was a serous scam, with no real input of knowledge or material by Trump himself.  We don’t even mention the conflicts of interest by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner (except we just did).  President Trump has illegally blocked his taxes from being disclosed to Congressional Committees, and has court cases blocking his taxes from New York law inforcement agencies.

Update:  Pam Bondi asked why Hunter Biden was on the Burisma board, when he doesn’t even speak the language.  Does Trump speak the language of all of the countries in which he has businesses?  Did he ever show us that he speaks any other languages?

Rather than just regarding Hunter Biden’s board membership as an embarrassment, it really seems to be a patriotic act of showing direct US backing of Ukraine’s natural resources.  The whole reason Putin invaded and took Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are because of their natural resource holdings.

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