March 22. Spring Equinox Coronavirus Report

March 22.  Spring Equinox Coronavirus Report

This is the day after the Spring Equinox, of equal length days and nights.  There is still no evidence that the Coronavirus will slow down by spring or summer.  This is even though the southern part of the earth was in summer.

There are now five states in lock down, New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Connecticut.   About a quarter of the US population or 80 million people are in Stay at Home or Safer at Home.

Trump Prime-Time Sunday news conference.  Probably as an overreaction to never having any numbers, he just rattled on and on with numbers.  Unfortunately, most of them were small.  He withheld from overly attacking the press.  Oh, and the much promised 1 million tests is again promised for Friday.  So far there have been a quarter of a million tests.  This is less than 1 per thousand Americans.  About 10% of the tests have been positive.  A few days ago, somebody modeled that there could be 10 times as many cases as those that have shown up in tests.  Some states have sampled the public, but gave no results yet.

However, Trump totally dodged the question as to whether his hotels would get funding from the Republican Senate $1.6 trillion aid bill.  The major partisan difference is whether to give the money to businesses, or to people who really need it.  Trump would oversee a $500 billion slush fund, that was not even accountable.

I think California Governor Newsom gave a conference, as well as Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti.  The California National guard has been approved to give aid.  The USS Mercy hospital ship will be sent to Los Angeles, and may be there in a week.  Malls and shopping centers have been closed.  Los Angeles closed parks and beach parking lots, because too many were using them.

The costs of medical equipment has skyrocketed, as states have to individually compete for supplies.  Trump has refused to set limits on this.  On the other hand, it is a great incentive for more manufacturers to get into the game.  I looked up the N95 masks for construction versus for medical use, and there didn’t seem to be a difference.  There were four times as many for construction as for hospitals, so this is a great reservoir.

The world is at 339,259 cases with 14,706 deaths.

Some domains had a very small increase in cases today, which might just be because it was Sunday.  There are a total of 417 US deaths.

Here are the Domains, the Cases as of this evening, and the Percent Increase over yesterday.

Domain Cases Percent Increase
US 33,276 25.2%
NY 15,793 28.3%
WA 1,996 11.3%
NJ 1,914 44.2%
CA 1.642 16.7%
IL 1.049 39.3%
MI 1.037 31.4%
LA 837 9.70%
FL 830 8.78%
MA 646 22.1%
TX 627 15.5%
GA 600 8.1%
PA 509
CO 476 0.2%
Canada 1,470 10.7%
Mexico 251 23.6%
Brazil 1,593 56.0%
Los Angeles 409 16.5%
Orange County 95 21,8%

New Jersey and Illinois are growing very fast.  Washington has stayed low, and is a hopeful sign.  It’s odd that the Southern states show the slowest growth.  Is this just the allocation of tests to the most critical states?  Miami, Houston, and New Orleans will be in the 80s next week, but just the 70s today.  We’ll see if that holds any hope.

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