Trump’s Wall Wall.

Trump’s Wall-Wall, or Double Wall, or Kushy Wall, or Jared’s Wall, take your pick, or create your own.

A hundred dollar saw has now defeated Trump’s 2,000 mile, most beautiful 30 or 40 foot high wall ever, all concrete, impervious to tunneling, concrete and steel, see through, picket fenced, covered on top, electrified, non-electrified, doubled, photo-monitored, helicopter intercepted, access roaded, Jared boosted, Wall.

It has suddenly been revealed that it is a double wall, because it only takes minutes to saw through and then bend a single steel and concrete column to allow people to go through.  Actually, thin tubes of drugs could have been pushed through without much fuss.  So now a second wall had to be built to slow down the crossers by a few more minutes.  Then, a real time photo monitoring system has to be installed along the length of the wall.  I don’t think that I am violating national security to point out that the electrical system along the length of the wall is now a vulnerability.  Then a road had to be built between the walls to allow border agents to instantaneously intercept smugglers or refugees or asylum seekers.  This would also mean having armed garrisons every few miles along a well paved and level road.  I might be breaking national security if I mention road spikes.  Or instantaneous helicopter availability.

The second wall immediately doubles the cost.  Plus the road, border patrol stations, helicopter, monitoring system, and instant repair services.  So the $25 billion dollar wall is up to what, $50 billion plus!

Why is the royal, I mean, President’s son-in-law being deployed to head the project to build some 475 miles of wall by Election Day?  Jared is an excellent go-in-debt property financier, but a builder?  Is it because Jared has failed at his primary task, to bring the impossible dream peace to the Middle East?  Is it because then Trump will not be directly blamable when the goal is not achieved?  Is it to enhance Jared when it is time for him to take over as the next Trump Dynasty President, or Emperor?  Is it for Jared to fail at, and allow the much more popular Trump Daughter, Ivanka, to then be the next Dynastic Leader?  (Sorry, Donald Jr., tweet as hard as you might.)

Since you can’t take vehicles through the walls, all smugglers would have their cohorts at the US side of the Wall at the same place, also armed with a $100 saw, and cutting their wall access at precisely the same time, so the second wall is absolutely useless!

I had initially assumed that the fast build walls would be built without seizing property with eminent domain.  I was totally wrong.  Almost all of the 166 miles in Texas are on private property, and will have to be seized and compensated for.  This won’t go over well in the largest Republican state of Texas, nor among Republicans who hate government interference.  Rather than saying outright it is to prevent illegal immigration, the administration starts with terrorism, human trafficking, and drug trafficking.

We have just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  This stood for 28 years from 1961 to 1989.  It was essentially a double wall, with a no-man zone between East and West Berlin.  It went up after 2.5 million East Germans fled to the West.  The Great Wall of China kept out raiding forces.  It also had a road on top so that Chinese troops could rapidly move to intercept the raids, and also had forts imbedded in it.  The Maginot line between France and Germany was penetrated in the Blitzkrieg, as well as through neutral Belgium.  The problem with a wall, is that once penetrated, it is open for business, while the rest of the wall is useless.

When Trump is finally replaced by a Democratic President, and the low unemployment rate calls out for more immigrants at all educational levels, as well as seasonal farm workers, the walls will become useless.  The double wall will now cost twice as much to dismantle.

Whoever built the wall will become a pariah, Jared.  You will also become involved with the National Emergency and Congressional Power of the Purse disputes over the Wall’s funding.

About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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