May 9. White House Laxity, Pompeo Silliness, Cubic Zombies

It just goes to figure that Donald Trump’s enforced bravado masochism not following or even allowing his Coronavirus Task Force to obey the standard mitigation protocols would immediately spread any virus which eventually would hit the White House.   The three that so far are reported to go into quarantine are the scientists or head of the science agencies, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Stephen Hahn, the Commissioner of the FDA, and Dr. Redfield, Director of the CDC.  While they feel obliged to set an example, Trump also gets them out of his hair.  It is another great failing to allow this crucial Task Force to be infected or necessary to quarantine them.  Dr. Fauci said he will testify before the Senate.  The simplest rules of six foot separation and wearing face masks were even left off of Trump’s mailed out rules.

Trump has moved on from the real world and the Public Health problems that he couldn’t solve, and gone to a fantasy world where you don’t even need a vaccine, and the Coronavirus will simply vanish by itself.  This will happen even with the lack of plentiful testing, or billions for tracking and confining.  All Trump wants is that his economic miracle is restored, regardless of how many lives are lost.

Trump has always tried to show us that he is a Demi-god, the best President ever, the best leader ever, the inherent scientific genius, the best friend to all of the world’s dictators, the provider of all US job growth, the promoter of saving drugs, and also weird treatments.                                                                     

Trump goes to a Navy doctor to get his annual checkup, and the doctor reports that Trump’s genes are so good that he could live 200 years.  We now know that Trump was going to make him head of the VA as a reward.  At this point, reference to Trump as genetically superior with his German ancestry is just insensitive and insulting to others.  Trump obviously told him to say this, as he had done to his campaign doctor.  But with Trump, he not only wants us to believe this, but he believes it himself.  The rest of us seniors are afraid of the Coronavirus, and doing everything we can to avoid infection.  Trump is 73, Fauci is 79, Hahn 60.  I assumed everyone close to the President is getting tested every day, but apparently others in the White House are only tested weekly.  The other thing that has come to light, are statements that even after one is infected, that may not trigger a positive test for days.

Dear Mike Pompeo, the American chosen for being the smartest in foreign policy.  If the evil empire created the deadly stealth Coronavirus to destroy the American economy, why did they release it next door in Wuhan, one of the leading Chinese industrial cities, which would result in tens of thousands of deaths, and a complete disruption of Chinese life and industrial supply chains?  Why is it that the State Department, which has no separate intelligence agency, knows better than the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the communications interception network?  Why aren’t you being asked these questions?  Is the US developing bio weapons?  And, what US city and state are you planning to test these on?  Why don’t you share your convincing knowledge with the US Intelligence agencies, so they can check them out and agree with you?  Why don’t you brief the Senate Intelligence Committee, so they can back you?  

Why did the President say that the horseshoe bats were too far away from the Wuhan market, thirty miles, to be there?  Why did Peter Navarro say that they were 200 miles away?  Why are Chinese cars and trucks unable to go 30 miles or 200 miles? 

If you have intercepted communications, why does the President blame the Chinese government from not informing him and the world about the seriousness of the virus?  Are you saying that the Chinese did not even warn their own governments that they were releasing the virus in China first?

Mike Pompeo actually has an impressive academic and government experience record.  It is a shame that he was probably forced to back Trump’s conspiracy theory susceptibility.  Remember, Trump became famous for leading birtherism about President Obama.

We can’t fail to mention that Trump’s Kevin Hassett Chief Economic Advisor Kevin  cubic fit to the Coronavirus death curve, that one day showed the curve heading rapidly to zero.  Every high school student knows that cubic curves come from minus infinity, can become positive, then turn down and can become negative, and then shoot up to plus infinity.  There is no epidemiological meaning to the curve when it was and when it later turns negative.  This is totally hidden in the graph of the curve only being on the positive segment.   The economic advisor has no experience in epidemiology.  Since Trump has no idea what a cubic fit is, he was probably misled to think that it was an acceptable theory that he could believe in.  However, the negative deaths, would also be a prediction of Zombies arising from the dead.  Like others in the White House, they are all seeking brains.  When they do find them, they block them off, and roast them as soon as they start to speak out, like with Dr. Bright, who was the director of The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

What literary analogues come to mind?  Alice in Wonderland.  Gulliver’s Travels, where Gulliver is immune to the mini Lilliputian’s army.  

Some days, you just have to let off a little steam.

About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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