My name is Camila, I am currently a double major in Psychology and Social Behavior and Criminology, Law, and Society.

Despite my unwavering love for the sunny state of California, I was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia for seventeen years before moving to San Diego with my family the summer before college. It is from my family that I’ve fostered my own adventurous spirit. We love to try new things and travel together. We have crossed off 20 states, in addition to Puerto Rico, the Grand Caymans, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Philippines from our bucket list. The first time I heard about the Costa Rica Program was as a freshman living in Mesa Court’s Sierra Hall. Subsequently, I learned about sustainability and how important it is to take care of our planet now so generations from now they will still have enough resources to thrive. The next year when I was working as a Mesa Court Center Attendant, I was able to get to know the Mesa Court professional staff better who were a familiar with the program and even had friends who had become a part of the program as well. As a third year, I want to go on an adventure of a lifetime and take steps towards saving our planet in the process, so, here I am. Aside from this program, I am also a Community Assistant at Camino del Sol.

When I’m not at school or working, I love to write stories, to dance, to listen to music in my car so loud that my mirrors shake, to run, to go kickboxing, to get lost exploring with friends, and to eat until I realize wearing skinny jeans is a bad idea. I have a secret compass tattoo on the inside of my left wrist to give me some much-needed guidance in addition to a sense of direction, and, most of all, encourage adventure.

I am so incredibly thrilled to be a part of this amazing program that has already presented so many opportunities to learn and grow, and I can’t wait for even more lifetime memories to come!