Hey! My name’s Harrison. I’m a first-year Pre-Dental majoring in Biological Sciences here at UCI, and I’m really glad and honored to be a part of this year’s CRP Team. What initially got me interested in sustainability has a lot to do with my dad’s business. He has created a skincare company that runs on sustainable, “eco-conscious” principles. I remember following him to a ranch in search of pinot noir grapes, an antioxidant rich ingredient, and finding the whole sustainable agricultural process fascinating. The value of which sustainability generates, including the fascinating dynamics is what drives me to understand and promote this initiative today. Hence, with the CRP team this year, I hope to learn as much as I can about sustainability and foremost the basics. I’m sure that Costa Rica has plenty to offer for our team, so that we can bring back valuable research and cultural experiences back to our campus.

Outside of academics, I’m involved with UCI’s Pre-Dental Society and Climatepedia. At the same time that I’m interested in Dentistry, healthcare, and education, I am also an advocate for environmental and climate change regulations. Plus, I also enjoy playing the piano, playing badminton, sometimes tennis, and having deep, philosophical late night talks. But of course, most importantly, in whatever situation I’m in, I practice and enjoy being in the moment. I think that adds a little grace and spice to life.