Participant Name: Justin Lew

Major: Environmental Engineering

Year: First year

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Hi everyone, I’m Justin! I am a first-year environmental engineering major studying at the University of California, Irvine. I work within the Mesa Court Housing Services, am an active member of the sustainability fraternity Theta Psi, and am a representative in the ASUCI Bus Love Board initiative. Growing up in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, I’ve constantly been surrounded by an industrial lifestyle. I love the nightlife and being able to do activities twenty-hours of the day. However, having been unable to travel anywhere outside the United States, I feel that I live in a first world bubble unable to fully grasp how others operate outside. I have a unique perspective on sustainability and environmental issues because where I come from and what I intend to study are rooted in contradictory philosophies.
My hope is that this program will shine the way for me to be able to expand my perceptions on a global scale and to be able to apply the knowledge that I’ve learned abroad to better my home in an economically reasonable, equitable, and environmentally conscious way. Venturing out of my comfort zone especially as a freshman, has taught me that growth often happens in times of discomfort. As an engineer, it is a part of my interdisciplinary studies to work on projects with other engineers in order to achieve a common goal.
I’ve come to the realization that adaptability and communication are key when making a change and connecting with other people. My goal after this program is to gain more knowledge about the world and hopefully make interpersonal connections with like-minded people passionate about issues that we can all share and work together on.