Participant Name: Paola Granados

Major: Urban Studies, Minors in Literary Journalism & Global Sustainability

Year: Fourth Year Senior

Pronouns: She, Her, Her’s

Hola I’m Paola! I’m this year’s Social Media and Outreach Coordinator for the Costa Rica Program. I am a fourth year Urban Studies Major with a minor in Global Sustainability and Literary Journalism.

This interesting mix of degrees has given me the privilege of developing an interdisciplinary appreciation of the world. Thanks to my meandering college path, I have had plenty of experience interacting with the various the student media on campus including, The New University Newspaper, KUCI News, and Kiosk Magazine. I am highly supportive of students joining media organizations because it allows for both learning and creativity. It was my brief time as a KUCI News reporter that opened me up to the sustainability community and eventually lead me to be a student programmer for the Housing Sustainability Department.

In regards to what that means about my future, I would say that your guess is as good as mine. My dream job would allow continuing to learn about environmental issues and use my art and design skills to develop solutions and better communication. Sure, it sounds pretty vague right now but if I learned anything in college it’s how to adapt to uncomfortable situations and let go of things and ideas that I really don’t need. These values of adaptability and minimalism, along with respect and compassion, lay at the foundation of my sustainability philosophy. While I’m far from the perfect model, I am excited to be able to share what I know about my Costa Rican heritage and about sustainable living which is basically just life. I intend on extending this life knowledge on this trip and learning tremendously from everyone on it.