Lauren H.

Hello! My name is Lauren  and I am a 3rd year Public Health Policy and Psychology major. When I was a freshman, I lived in the Mesa Court diversity themed hall, Sierra and during my second year I worked in Mesa Court as a Center Attendant. Needless to say, I am very thankful and appreciative to the opportunities UCI Housing has provided and I cannot wait to embark on the Costa Rica Program journey.

Through this program, I hope to become better educated about sustainability. Ever since I was younger, my family and I have planted a garden almost every summer. From corn, to peppers, to cucumbers, to squash, to pumpkins, to sunflowers, and different types of tomatoes, gardening has always been something that I enjoyed. The feeling of picking produce right off the vine and taking a bite, well, there’s nothing much fresher than that! My Grandpa used to be a farmer and he knows all the ins and outs of gardening; when to plant, how much water to give, why a plant is not growing, etc.! I hope to grow a stronger connection with the Earth and to learn more about it, just like my Grandpa! Being able to go outside and enjoy it is something that I greatly value. There is something truly remarkable about being in nature that always brings me to a state of peace.

I am extremely excited travel to Costa Rica and experience its beauty and culture as well as to get to know a great group of people with diverse perspectives and knowledge. I am eager to interact with the local people, learn about different ways of living, be outside in a beautiful landscape, and of course try some new food!