Kindergarten Dance – 3

Lesson 3: Using Space

Size and Level

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  • Students will demonstrate understanding of space through performing axial and locomotor movement at different levels (high vs. low) and sizes (large vs. small).

3A. Warm up Routine: Students work with teaching artist to warm up for the lesson.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #3: Warm up Routine

3B. Warm-up Explore Opposites: The lesson includes concepts of shapes and motion.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #3: Warm-up Explore Opposites

3C. Model Using Space: The class learns about levels — low, middle, high — using references to animals.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #3: Model Using Space

3D. Explore Level and Size: Students respond to teacher’s directions about level and size.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #3: Explore Level and Size 

3E. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #3: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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