Literacy Integration – 8

8A. Introduction:

Teaching artist, Roxanne has the students get into their groups to review the beginning, middle, and end of the dances they had created.

First Grade Lesson #8: Introduction

8B. Summary Dance with Music:

The students dance with Roxanne, and listen to the directions she gives.

First Grade Lesson #8: Summary Dance with Music

8C. Teacher Talk and Group Dance:

Roxanne gives the students two chances to perform their dances with their group to the class. After each group dances, Roxanne asks the students many questions such as what their favorite part of the dance was, and what types of levels they used: beginning, middle, and end.

First Grade Lesson #8: Teacher Talk and Group Dance

8D. Student Shows Move and Class Replicates Move:

Roxanne has the students review the “summary” dance that is the big idea from each group’s dance. She mentions to the students that the summary dance is taking just the main idea from each dance. Once the groups perform their dances, the students replicate their moves.

First Grade Lesson #8: Student Shows Move and Class Replicates Move

8E. Group Practice Dance:

The students get into their groups to practice their dances while Roxanne goes around the classroom to evaluate and help the students with their choreographies to improve their dances.

First Grade Lesson #8: Group Practice Dance

8F. Evaluate:

Roxanne asks the students if they have anything to say to her; she tells the class to do that by not “telling” but “showing.”

First Grade Lesson #8: Evaluate

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