Kindergarten Theatre – 7

Lesson 7: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

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  • Students will demonstrate cooperation and focus as they follow, mirror, and imitate movement shapes and directions.
  • Students will follow and perform basic rules of a theatre game.

7A. Vocal and Physical Warm-up:

Teaching Artist Wendy Maples leads a kindergarten class in warm-up exercises that include both physical and vocal components. These activities increase focus while also expanding vocabulary and encouraging children to speak audibly and clearly.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #7: Warm-up [9:54 minute Video]

7B. Vocabulary:

  • mirrorto accurately reproduce somebody’s voice, gestures or appearance. A focus and concentration technique used when two partners face each other and move at the same time.
  • mimicimitate somebody’s voice, gestures or appearance after that person
  • gesture – expressive movement of the body or limbs
  • leaderthe person who initiates and guides another
  • follower – someone who is led, guided or influenced by a leader

Students work with mirroring the teaching artist briefly and more extensively with mimicking the teaching artist as she guides them through Going on a Bear Hunt.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #7: Vocabulary [7:57 minute Video]

7C. Modeling:

Students review the kinds of shapes they can make with their bodies to be flat, long, curved, etc.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #7: Modeling [1:42 minute Video]

7D. Guided Practice:

The teaching artist has the students mirror her hands as they portray the movements of a curtain spread across a stage.

The class is arranged to face the teacher so that all can see. Students are to observe their hands and all the ways they can move. The teacher starts with hand movements and asks students to mimic. Students mimic (imitate) hand movements on both the right and left to beats or depicting movements such as a windshield wiper, opening and closing fingers, waving, etc.  Then they move both hands and arms slowly and   mirror exactly what the teacher is doing. They practice focus and concentration.

Alternatively, in a seated position facing each other,  students could be arranged in pairs and practice mirroring. They could do this music. Students may  use hands, arms, shoulders, head and face. Look for strong focus and concentration, the ability to lead and follow. Progress to standing and using the whole body.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #7: Guided Practice [3:26 minute Video]

7E. Debriefing and Evaluation:

The class discusses the difference of mirror and mimic, the importance of focus and concentration to theatre games, and the challenges of leading and following.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #7: Debriefing and Evaluation [0:26 minute Video]

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