Literacy Integration – 8

8A. Review of Previous Dance Lessons:

The class retells the story of the “Three Little Pigs” using dance movements.

Kindergarten Lesson #8: Review of Previous Dance Lessons

8B. Introduction Modeling:

The teacher reviews with the students all the body movements they had covered together such as making shapes out of their body.

Kindergarten Lesson #8: Introduction Modeling

8C. Group Dance:

The teacher puts the students into three groups where each group tells the story of “The Three Little Pigs” through dance.

Kindergarten Lesson #8: Group Dance

8D. Dancing 2nd Half Peer Comments: 

The students get with a partner to discuss what there favorite dance move was and why.

Kindergarten Lesson #8: Dancing 2nd Half Peer Comments

8E. Dancing Discussion:

The students split up into groups of four where two groups of students tell the story of  “The Three Little Pigs” through dance, while the other two groups of students direct them. The teacher does not say anything while the groups perform, to allow the students to learn to help each other.

Kindergarten Lesson #8: Dancing Discussion

8F. Evaluate Wrap-Up: 

The teacher, Roxanne says goodbye to the students through a small dance.

Kindergarten Lesson #8: Evaluate Wrap-Up

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