Grade 2 Dance, Lesson 6

Folk/Traditional Dance: Circle Dance (Progression/Chain Dance) and Structure

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6A. Warm Up Routine:

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Warm Up Routine

6B. Warm Up Review: Students review axial, locomotor, using letters, counts, and the accent game.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Warm Up Review

6C. Modeling Define Folk Dance: The teacher defines folk traditions and formations/structure in dance.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Modeling Define Folk Dance

6D. Modeling Circle Dance: The teachers demonstrate sequence, directions, and counts for movement.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Modeling Circle Dance

6E. Guided Practice Exploring Circle Dance: In a circle, students practice a sequence of 4 movements in 8 counts each to music.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Guided Practice Exploring First Move

6F. Modeling Adding Moves to Circle Dance: Students add jumps and claps to their sequence in the circle dance.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Modeling Adding Moves to Circle Dance

6G. Guided Practice Exploring New Moves: Students watch different groups at a time perform the movements.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Guided Practice Exploring New Moves

6H. Guided Practice Problem Solving Circle Dance Variations: Students continue practicing multiple variations with directions, reversals, and concentric formations.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson # 6: Guided Practice Problem Solving Circle Dance Variations

6I. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #6: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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