Literacy Integration – 5

5A. Warm up & Modeling:

Teaching artist, Roxanne Rojas introduces the country, Cuba through the Conga dance. Roxanne then asks a few questions to the students to get them into a happy mood to dance.

Second Grade Lesson #5: Warm Up & Modeling

5B. Model and Guided Practice:

Roxanne puts on the music and students learn how to integrate dance with the music

Second Grade Lesson #5: Model and Guided Practice

5C. Extension Conga:

Students practice how to conga dance. They learn how to dance backwards, forwards and side to side. Students learn how to dance in a group while being safe (not bumping into other students).

Second Grade Lesson #5: Extension Conga

5D. Debrief and Evaluation:

Roxanne tells students that all of them are important in this dance. To successfully perform this dance, dancers need to show the sense of “unity.” The teaching artist also gives the students homework assignments and wants them to think about what other moves to add into the dance. The teacher gives the evaluation that she likes how the students respect each other while dancing. She also lets the students know the type of clothes they should wear while dancing.

Second Grade Lesson #5: Debrief and Evaluation

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