Kindergarten Dance – 6

Lesson 6: Moving and Exploring

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  • Students will demonstrate movement varying in energy, heavy and light.
  • Students will make connections between the energy of movement and emotions or feelings.

6A. Warm up Routine:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #6: Warm up Routine

6B. Warm-up Review: The warm up includes element of time/temp (fast/slow).

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #6: Warm-up Review

6C. Model Part 1: The class explores the concepts of energy through heavy and light imagery.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #6: Model Part 1

6D. Model Part 2: Students volunteer responses to heavy and light objects.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #6: Model Part 2

6E. Guided Practice Energies: Students explore heavy and light movements.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #6: Guided Practice Energies

6F. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #6: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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